Lonesome Mountain Outfitters


Lonesome Mountain Outfitters is a personalized guide and outfitting business located in Northern British Columbia, approximately 165 air miles north of Smithers. This exclusive outfitting service operates in a pristine area bordering Spatsizi Wilderness Park, spanning around 1200 square miles, and covering the drainages of the Skeena, Klappan, Spatsizi, and Stikine rivers.

Specializing in hunting mountain goats and moose, Lonesome Mountain Outfitters maintains a select clientele, ensuring a high-quality experience and preserving the integrity of the local populations.

Client's Needs:

Lonesome Mountain Outfitters faced several challenges with their outdated website:

  • The site contained old information that was no longer relevant or accurate.
  • Navigation was cumbersome, making it difficult for clients to find essential details.
  • There was a lack of effective communication with repeat clients regarding updates and new information.
  • The website failed to showcase the unique beauty of their hunting grounds and the experiences they offered.


To address these challenges, we developed a new, modern website for Lonesome Mountain Outfitters. Key elements of our solution included:

  • Utilizing high-quality, authentic photos provided by Lonesome Mountain Outfitters to accurately represent their hunting experiences and the stunning Northern British Columbia landscape.
  • Designing a user-friendly layout to improve navigation and ensure clients could easily find the information they needed.
  • Adding features to better inform repeat clients of new information and updates.


Our team, based in DuBois, PA, meticulously handcrafted the new website with a focus on accessibility and usability. The steps involved in the implementation included:

  • Collaborating closely with Lonesome Mountain Outfitters to gather and select the best photos and content that accurately depicted their services and the environment.
  • Developing a responsive web design that worked seamlessly across various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience for all visitors.
  • Integrating a robust CMS, making it straightforward for non-developers at Lonesome Mountain Outfitters to update the website with new information, photos, and announcements.
  • Testing the website thoroughly to ensure smooth functionality and a positive user experience.


The new website significantly enhanced Lonesome Mountain Outfitters' online presence. Key outcomes included:

  • Improved client engagement, with visitors finding it easier to navigate the site and access relevant information.
  • Attraction of new clients drawn in by the updated, visually appealing design that highlighted the unique aspects of the hunting experiences offered.
  • Increased efficiency in communicating updates and new information to repeat clients, thanks to the Shepherd.
  • Overall, the site is now maintained and updated regularly, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for both new and returning clients.
  • By creating a modern, user-friendly website tailored to the specific needs of Lonesome Mountain Outfitters, we successfully addressed their challenges and helped them enhance their digital footprint in the outfitting and outdoor industry.

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