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Escape Room Ebensburg is bringing the excitement of escape rooms to Ebensburg! These immersive rooms challenge groups of 2-8 players to break free within one hour by solving puzzles, collecting clues, and overcoming obstacles. Each room features a unique theme, diverse puzzles, and distinct challenges, making teamwork and collaboration essential for success. It's a thrilling race against the clock that tests the ingenuity and cooperation of all participants.

Client's Needs:

Escape Room Ebensburg faced significant challenges in their quest to establish their online presence:

  • They initially hired a freelancer from Fiverr who failed to understand the project after months of attempts, resulting in wasted time and money just before their grand opening.
  • The owner, with a background in construction, lacked the time and expertise to create and integrate a website with necessary online booking and point-of-sale systems.
  • There was an urgent need for a professional, functional website to facilitate online bookings and manage operations smoothly before the grand opening.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Benjamin Franklin

Solution Provided by Shepherd Outdoor:

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive solution for Escape Room Ebensburg:

  • We created a modern, fully-functional website designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • We integrated the website with online booking systems and point-of-sale systems to streamline operations.
  • We prioritized a rapid development timeline to ensure the site was ready for the grand opening.
  • Our solution focused on providing a seamless experience for both the business owner and customers, enabling easy management and booking.


Our team, based in DuBois, PA, meticulously handcrafted the new website with a focus on accessibility and usability. The implementation steps included:

  • Collaborating closely with the owner of Escape Room Ebensburg to understand the specific requirements and preferences for the website.
  • Designing a responsive web design that worked seamlessly across various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience for all visitors.
  • Integrating robust online booking and point-of-sale systems, making it straightforward for customers to book their escape room experiences online.
  • Testing the website thoroughly to ensure smooth functionality and a positive user experience, all while adhering to a tight deadline.


The new website significantly enhanced Escape Room Ebensburg's launch and operations. Key outcomes included:

  • Successful grand opening with a fully functional website that facilitated smooth operations from day one.
  • Increased client engagement, with visitors easily navigating the site and booking their escape room experiences online.
  • Efficient management of bookings and sales through the integrated systems, allowing the owner to focus on delivering a great customer experience.
  • Plans for expansion, with a new room set to open soon, demonstrating the business's growth and success.

By creating a modern, user-friendly website tailored to the specific needs of Escape Room Ebensburg, we successfully addressed their challenges and helped them establish a strong online presence and operational efficiency from the very beginning.

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