141 Shooting Range

Bono, AK

141 Shooting Range is so much more than their name suggests. They provide concealed carry, CPR, BLS, Active Shooter and Firearms Training in Arkansas. Unfortunately for them, after trusting another digital marketing agency to run ads for them on Facebook, they noticed that their accounts started going down hill. By the time they acted, it was already too late and their accounts were restricted from advertising on Facebook.

"To admit that you were wrong is to declare that you are wiser now than you were before"


Experienced with Facebook (Meta) features we were confident that we could fix 141's accounts, and we backed this with a full money back guarantee if we failed to do so. We wish we could tell you in a few weeks we got Meta on the phone and got this whole mess sorted out, however, we were not able to fix 141's accounts. We spent weeks messaging, calling, and even going through courses attempting to reactivate his accounts. Unfortunately we had to reach out to Logan and let him know that our efforts were in vain.

After refunding Logan's money we believed that this would be the end, however out of the kindness they gave us our favorite review to date. This case study isn't to boast about our achievement in victory, but to show when work with Shepherd that our word is our bond.

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